Read what clients are saying about Andoniadis Retail Services.

"In April 2014, as we started to think about renovating, we invited Andrew Andoniadis to undertake a thorough review of our existing retail offer. The comprehensive analysis & practical recommendations contained in his Museum Store Consulting Report were instrumental in garnering institutional support for a total renovation project.

"Andrew's expert analysis and detailed recommendations gave the National Gallery of Canada the confidence to reinvest in its retail store. Andrew participated throughout the design phase, and his technical expertise and sound understanding of the cultural retail sector was leveraged against our retail designer's concepts & proposals. Andrew influenced the design development, and his best advice around store layout and fixture functionality was implemented in the final design.

"Andrew wore many hats throughout our work together: expert, advocate, coach, and mentor, and his greatly appreciated contributions made possible the successful re-launch of our new Boutique in June 2016.

"It was a pleasure to work with Andrew, and I can recommend Andoniadis Retail Services to anyone in the cultural sector looking to fine-tune or re-vamp their retail environment."

Patrick Aubin
Chief, Boutique
National Gallery of Canada

"Working with Andrew has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience in many ways. He brings a lot of logical and helpful knowledge about the retail industry, but in particular, to what he calls 'cultural commerce.' We have and will be implementing many of the recommendations that he made in our assessment. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking assistance in establishing or improving their museum store."

Julie Robnolt
Merchandise Manager
Heifer International

"Every museum shop manager should have to do this (assessment) questionnaire. It digs deep into data and causes you to think both abstractly and figuratively about your business."

Raina Heinrich
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Arts

"Andrew was instrumental in all phases of creating the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation's new Gallery Shop. Andrew began his work with the Foundation by conducting a product selection focus group. This helped us define who the typical visitor might be and helped us determine an optimal merchandise mix and price range. He then led us through issues related to the physical layout of the shop, creation of a sound business plan, and keys to a successful shop, including operating policies and staffing. We invited Andrew back to work with us and our designers in the final design of the shop casework. We feel we now have a beautiful and functional shop with merchandise that fits the mission of the Palo Alto Art Center. I would have no hesitation recommending Andrew to consult with a museum store or foundation as it considers implementing a new store strategy or design."

Harvey Schloss
Palo Alto Art Center Foundation

"I would recommend Andoniadis Retail Services for any cultural institution. Andrew brings with him a wealth of insight and experience that allowed for a productive analysis of our retail operations, resulting in a path forward that was articulated with clarity and concision. We were able to implement many of his recommendations right away and saw immediate benefits."

Adam P. Baldwin
Director of Enterprise and Visitor Services
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center

"I had the opportunity to work with Andrew Andoniadis in December 2011. We are expanding our museum and the expansion will include a new museum store. Andrew spent the time necessary to answer our questions, explain store design, fixtures, flooring, cash wrap, and a myriad of other important museum store issues. His professional expertise is extensive. The service he provided was invaluable. I would recommend Andoniadis Retail Services without reservation."

Patty Jones
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Museum Store Manager
Bean Life Science Museum
Brigham Young University

"I have a great working relationship with Andrew and find him very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. He pays close attention to details and has been extremely helpful coordinating work with our architect. He has great knowledge of the field, and I wouldn't be able to do this renovation without his help."

Lori Eklund
Amon Carter Museum

"The decision to engage Andoniadis Retail Services to consult on the Yew Dell Gardens visitor center plan was one of the best decisions we made in the entire project. Throughout our working relationship, Andrew provided insightful advice, extensive support for his recommendations, detailed analysis, and a common-sense approach to the whole project. He interfaced sensitively with staff, other project consultants and trustees; a talent that even helped us raise funds for the project. Andrew's creativity, extensive experience, and attention to detail, gave me the confidence that we made the best possible decisions, spent our money wisely, and generally insured this new venture will be a positive move for our organization."

Paul Cappiello
Executive Director
Yew Dell Gardens
Crestwood, Kentucky

"Historic Arkansas Museum has worked with Andrew Andoniadis since 1999, when we hired him to serve as our consultant to envision, design and oversee installation of a new museum store. I give him full credit for creating an outstanding retail presence for us. The space beautifully complements the building's architectural design and the layout of the retail space is very functional and inviting. But, perhaps the most valuable service he has provided has been to train us to select merchandise focused on our mission, to know how much to buy and to be adaptable to economic conditions. We have continued to use the annual or semi-annual reviews — much like getting a tune-up! We consider Andoniadis Retail Services to be very important to the success of our store and look forward to continuing our work together for years to come."

Louise Terzia
Director of Development
Historic Arkansas Museum
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Perhaps the greatest testimonial I can provide about Andrew Andoniadis is our intention to work with him again during a large-scale expansion project here at the Museum. We wouldn't even consider making changes to our store — or building a new store — without consultation with Andrew. His advice and recommendations thus far have been that good for our operations."

Judy O'Toole
Executive Director
Westmoreland Museum of American Art
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

"Andrew performed an assessment beyond my wildest expectations, and I come from a retail background. His callouts were so very appropriate and challenged us to rethink our objectives while never losing sight of the desired net profit. He offered targeted suggestions on assortments, depth of product, pricing analysis, layout and presentation of goods. He was a tremendous asset and gave very actionable direction. Talk about ROI... Andrew is the best investment you can make!"

Paula Steigerwald
Huntsville Botanical Garden
Huntsville, Alabama

"Thank you for your presentation. My favorite comment came from an attendee who looked at the schedule and wondered how we could possibly take that much time for a store talk... but then you blew her away! So on behalf of all my colleagues, please know that you are much appreciated for your work."

Lori Eklund
Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Host – Association of Art Museum Administrators

"Truly, can't thank you enough. This might have been the best session in Lubbock. It certainly got great evaluations and many members mentioned it. Also, in spite of being separated by lunch, almost all returned for part 2!"

Ruth Ann Rugg
Executive Director
Texas Association of Museums

"Upon meeting and hearing Andrew at an APGA Convention session, and subsequently reading his book, I knew without a doubt that if we ever had the opportunity to bring in a retail operations consultant, this was the guy I wanted. Through the Museum Store Review, Andrew helped us identify a number of changes that would not only help us broaden our support of the Garden's mission from a financial perspective, but much more importantly, re-create our newly named 'The Shoppe at the Garden' to return to a mission-focused approach that will enhance and extend our guest's experience. Andrew was a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to an ongoing partnership as we make plans for a new Guest Welcome Center."

Kathy Gilder
Vice President of Operations
Huntsville Botanical Garden
Huntsville, Alabama

"How fortunate we are to have crossed paths with Andrew early in our planning process. His expertise and practical approach have already saved us from making costly mistakes and his specific knowledge of the field has allowed us to remain mission focused above all else. ARS has provided an invaluable service during this early stage of development, which will undoubtedly form a solid foundation of retail success for many years to come."

Tracy Cude
Chief Financial Officer
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Bentonville, Arkansas

"I would readily recommend working with Andoniadis Retail Services. Andrew was able to convey the future revenue implications of store location in our overall renovation plan and as a result, was able to persuade our architect to move the store location to the optimum spot. I consider him my champion. He is congenial and thorough. His process is clearly defined and results oriented. We now have a store designed to make money. What more could you ask for."

Nancy Schwartz
Museum Retail Director
International Wolf Center
Ely, Minnesota

"Andrew's experience and expertise in the field of museum and botanical garden stores meant that in a short time he was able to provide us with insightful, thorough analysis of our store's current and potential profitability. As a result, we have a very doable action plan to improve our sales and profits. We are already seeing results. Without Andrew's help, I doubt we could have reached such a clear understanding of how to most efficiently maximize our store's financial results."

Cynthia Johnson Haruyama
Executive Director
Lan Su Chinese Garden
Portland, Oregon

"Consistently following your comprehensive guidelines (tailored to our venue) allows me to stand before our Board of Directors each quarter with pride. Our retail store's contribution to our institution has gone from a respectable low-five figure profit to six figure contributions; the trend continues into our third year, using your strategic outline, and it is much easier to manage stock levels. It is particularly satisfying, given our current economic climate, to see a growth in sales and, more usefully, record profits. Thank you, Andrew!"

Blue Anderson
Museum Store Manager
Columbia River Maritime Museum
Astoria, Oregon

"Andrew brings a common sense and practical approach to his wealth of knowledge on top quality garden shop design and layout. He makes a personal investment in the success of the project. Yew Dell Gardens is fortunate to have Andrew as a resource and as a friend who is watching out for our best interest."

Karla Drover
Assistant Director
Yew Dell Gardens
Crestwood, Kentucky

"The Utah Capitol Store is an exciting program for the Utah State Capitol, due in large part through the vision of Andoniadis Retail Services. With much thought and care, Mr. Andoniadis helped us design a well thought out and much planned retail store to reflect the guiding principles of the Utah State Capitol. He not only took us through the design process, but aided us through a very difficult review process helping us get back to the mission of the store."

Allyson W. Gamble
Interim Executive Director
Capitol Preservation Board
Utah State Capitol Complex
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Andrew's work with us was for a very short time, and focused on specific operational topics; he hit the ground running. His long career in museum stores gives him precise insight into the inner workings of museum enterprise, yet he also has a gifted eye for creativity in retail. His analysis and recommendations were invaluable. Andrew is a great teacher and a true friend and mentor to our industry."

Kathee Hoover
Manager, The Academy Shop
Honolulu Academy of Arts
Honolulu, Hawaii

"Our work with Andrew Andoniadis on the Museum Store Review program really enabled us to completely overhaul our retail operations. In addition to operational issues, Andrew's guidance in focusing on appropriate, mission related merchandise helped us to increase profits by over 40%. We also worked with Andrew on the Store Layout Program, which enabled us to secure grant funding to completely renovate our store, again increasing profits, capture rate and dollars per visitor. One of the really great things about working with Andrew is that he gives you recommendations that can be implemented in phases, so you can start working on smaller improvements while you raise funds for larger, long term goals. He is also always accessible and stayed in touch long after our projects were completed."

Amy Baldonieri
Director of Development and Finance
Westmoreland Museum of American Art
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

"Andrew provided great leadership to the CPB from start to finish, his Business plan outlined the performance we could expect, his work with the architect helped to reinforce the plan and the results of his work speak for themselves. For the past two years, since it opening in 2008, it has operated in the black and is enjoyed by visitors from around the world."

David H. Hart
Past Executive Director
Capitol Preservation Board
Utah State Capitol Complex
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Renovations at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art created a new location for the Museum Store in the existing building. This new space would be quite different from our original store and we knew we would need help with design, layout and furnishings. There was also an issue with the proposed use of some of the store space. Andrew's experience and expertise were invaluable in developing a plan which met our needs. In addition, he was able to effectively solve our space utilization issue. We could not have done it without him. Thank you Andrew!"

Lon R. Braun
Business Manager

Carolyn Earlywine
Museum Store Buyer
Fort Wayne Museum of Art
Fort Wayne, Indiana

"I have known Andrew for years from the Museum Store Association and I finally got to use his expertise. He did a wonderful job for us. He was very professional and he was easily reached by email. He came up here every time we called him. I would highly recommend. I even learned how to pronounce his last name."

Pat Perry
Facilities & Retail Manager
Maryhill Museum of Art
Goldendale, Washington 98620

"Andoniadis Retail Services were instrumental in analyzing our shop operation, determining the best location for the new shop and working hand in hand with our architects to ensure retail realities matched architectural vision. The result has been outstanding in both retail results and a stunning space that folds perfectly into the museum environment, bringing great acclaim from constituents and critics alike."

Richard Rutledge
Deputy Director, Operations
Denver Art Museum
Denver, Colorado

"Andoniadis Retail Services was very helpful in designing a layout for our garden store that maximizes the limited space available. Our time spent with Andrew was well worth the investment."

Ruth A. Miller
Program Director, City of Gardens
Facility Manager, Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens
Rockford Park District
Rockford, Illinois

"In our profession, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to convince our clients about something we believe is right. The task is much easier if we work with specialized consultants that have the expertise and database to offer evidence based research and solutions. Andrew brought this to the table as an integral member of the museum gift shop project team. His ability to not only identify potential issues but offer sensitive solutions was critical to the success of our Museum Gift Shop design for the new Hamilton Wing of the Denver Art Museum."

Jeff Sheppard, AIA
Roth Sheppard Architects
Denver, Colorado

"Working with Andrew has been a joy. The skills and experience he brought to our Museum Store project made a world of difference, helping us to create a new space that is truly inspiring!"

Colleen Schafroth
Executive Director
Maryhill Museum of Art
Goldendale, Washington

"After the opening of the Hamilton Building, The Denver Art Museum performed an evaluation of the institution in the spring of 2007 and Andoniadis Retail Services was contracted to do the evaluation of the Shops. Andrew Andoniadis gave an honest, thorough review with thoughtful analysis and suggestions for going forward on all aspects of the Shops retail operation. Andrew presented his findings beginning with "short of moving the Shop to the other side of the lobby". With these few words Andrew set into motion, and was a large contributor to, the new Shop at the Denver Art Museum. Andrew's keen eye for detail and analysis of design relating to function were definitely a valued asset to the design team."

Greg McKay
Shop Manager
Denver Art Museum
Denver, Colorado

"Andrew Andoniadis is an expert in the field of museum stores. His knowledge, connections, practical suggestions, gentle and clear guidance helped the Queens Botanical Garden enormously as we transformed a little plant shop in an out building into an attractive store in the lobby of our new, award-winning green building. Andrew's assistance, from reviewing the architect's plans that led us to realize the need for more storage (among other things!), to leading a group of staff and volunteers through an exercise to focus on the products that would help our cultural vision and sustainable mission come alive through a retail presence, to practical suggestions for managing the QBG Store were invaluable. Andrew is a treat to know and to work with."

Susan Lacerte
Executive Director
Queens Botanical Garden
Flushing, New York

"Sensitive to the needs of the museum, Andrew listened to both the client and the design team proving open to innovation and keen to identify opportunities in establishing a retail environment that reflects the desired image of the institution. Through his experience, Andrew provided critical data and past experience to guide the Denver Art Museum in visualizing the potential of their store."

Tim Politis
Roth Sheppard Architects
Denver, Colorado

"In July 2007, the Ohio Statehouse was going to update its Museum and Education Center and needed to move the Statehouse Museum Shop to a new location. Our Board Members, knowing how important a new location would be for operation of the Museum Shop, decided to secure the services of a Consultant. After interviewing several consultants, we chose Andrew Andoniadis of Andoniadis Retail Services.

A complete site review was agreed to including determining the best new location for the Museum Shop, merchandising product selection and display recommendations and financial benchmarks against which to measure performance.

The Statehouse Museum Shop opened in the new location August 2008 and has been receiving very positively because of the better location, better merchandise display, and sales have increased every month since the opening of the new Statehouse Museum Shop. Thanks for the help from Andoniadis Retail Services."

William E. Carleton
Executive Director
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board
Ohio Statehouse
Columbus, Ohio

"Our Garden Shop has been a well supported jewel for nine years. As we approached out tenth year we needed to quantify the business that our retail space and location could achieve and identify the opportunities and challenges in maximizing the potential for both revenue and giving our visitors a lovely shopping experience. Andrew, in short-time, provided the financial expectation and a realistic plan to get us there. We have already started to implement many of his recommendations and are seeing wonderful improvements."

Jane DeMarco
Managing Director
Lan Su Chinese Garden
Portland, Oregon



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